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Unique Homemade Hamster Toys


Posted September 9, 2012 by

Hamsters are really playful and truly enjoy having toys to mess around with.  Buying hamster toys isn’t necessary, as there are plenty of things around the house that your hamster will like to play with.  Hamsters don’t know whether you paid for something or not, so why not save a few bucks and make some cool toys yourself?  These homemade hamster toy ideas are a fun project for the family and they also recycle used items that would normally be thrown away.  Here are a few great toy ideas that your hamster will surely love to play with…

Homemade Hamster Toy Ideas

homemade hamster toy paper roll

A hamster enjoying a homemade toy – williamhartz

Toilet paper rolls are a great hamster toy idea.  I’ve never seen a hamster that didn’t love having clean toilet paper rolls to play with.  The cardboard isn’t harmful to your hamster, either.  A good idea is to connect a few different paper towel rolls together to form a twisting tunnel or a maze.  Hamsters love having mazes and tunnels to climb through – this is why manufactured plastic tubes such as the ones made by Super Pet are so popular among hamster owners.

Cardboard boxes are excellent fun chambers for your hamster.  A good idea would be to use a few different small cardboard boxes with bedding in them, and join them together with toilet paper rolls.  Hamsters love this.

Paper bowls and cups are excellent homemade toys, too.  Cut a hole big enough for your hamster to fit through, turn the bowl or cup upside down, and fill it with bedding or non-toxic paper.  Hamsters will romp around in these all day long.  It’s sort of like the ball pit at Chuck-e-Cheese to them!

Cardboard drink carriers turned upside down with holes cut in them are a great hamster toy idea.

Non-toxic wooden blocks are great for chew toys.  Hamsters need some sort of chew toy in order to keep their teeth in check.  Since they are rodents, their teeth never stop growing and need to be filed down with hard chew toys.  If you are unsure as to whether the wood you have is safe to use, it is recommended to bite the bullet and buy some approved hamster chew toys at the local pet store.

Homemade toys are easy to make and your hamsters will thank you.  In my experience, paper towel roll mazes and boxes filled with tissue paper are hamster favorites.  Hopefully you got some new ideas for homemade hamster toys from this article.  Have fun!  Oh, and don’t forget to check out our hamster caresheet.  It has links to many other helpful hamster articles.

Note:  These homemade toys can replace most store bought hamster accessories except for a hamster wheel.  A good quality hamster wheel is necessary to burn off the excess energy that a hamster has every day.  

Featured Photo Credit: FlutterByNessa, on Flickr


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    Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to try out all of these ideas! My little guys love exploring.

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